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Cisco confirms over 80 of its products vulnerable to FragmentSmack DoS bug

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Cisco recently updated the list of its products and services which are vulnerable to FragementSmack Denial of Service (DoS) bug. As of 24th September, more than 80 products have been found to be affected by the vulnerability.

FragementSmack vulnerability was disclosed last month by the Vulnerability Coordination team of the National Cyber Security Centre of Finland (NCSC-FI) and CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC).

The vulnerability was found in the IP stack used by the Linux Kernel. Linux Kernel version 3.9 and above are vulnerable to DoS conditions with low rates of specially modified packet. It can allow attackers to cause a DoS attack on the targeted system.

Identified as CVE-2018-5391, the vulnerability exists because the affected software improperly handles the reassembly of fragmented IPv4 and IPv6 packets. The attackers can exploit this vulnerability by sending fragmented IPv4 or IPv6 packets that submit malicious input to a targeted system.

A successful exploit can trigger time and calculation reassembly algorithms that can consume excessive CPU resources.

Cisco is still investigating more of its products under routing and switching category for the vulnerability. These products are developed for businesses and service providers.

The products under investigation include the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module. It provides software-define networking to the enterprise branch, campus and WAN. The service comes with simple user interface to allow automation of policy-based application profiles.

The products which have been investigated and found not vulnerable to the FramentSmack are Cisco Adaptive Security Alliance (ASA) Software, Cisco Prime Optical, and more.

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A list of all vulnerable and non-vulnerable Cisco products can be found here.

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