Foxconn and NVIDIA partner to redefine tech with AI factories, smart EVs, and more

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Foxconn and Nvidia

Taiwan’s Foxconn, a leader in contract electronics manufacturing, has announced a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA, a renowned technology giant. Together, they are set to redefine data centers, employing NVIDIA chips and software to power a diverse range of applications, including autonomous vehicles.

Through this partnership, Foxconn aims to introduce a new class of data centers, equipped with the latest in NVIDIA technology. This will pave the way for the digitization of manufacturing processes, the refinement of AI-powered platforms for electric vehicles and robotics, as well as generative AI services driven by language-based models.

Foxconn’s first step will be developing AI factories. These will be underpinned by NVIDIA’s GPU computing infrastructure, custom-engineered to process and refine vast volumes of data into invaluable AI models and tokens. This infrastructure will be based on NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform, featuring the cutting-edge GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

Foxconn will develop smart solution platforms using NVIDIA technologies. The Foxconn Smart EV will employ the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ 9, a next-generation platform designed for autonomous automotive fleets, fueled by NVIDIA DRIVE Thor™.

Likewise, Foxconn’s Smart Manufacturing robotic systems will leverage the Nvidia Isaac™ autonomous mobile robot platform, while the Foxconn Smart City initiative will incorporate the NVIDIA Metropolis intelligent video analytics platform.

Empowering customers with AI data factories

Foxconn is gearing up to deploy a multitude of systems based on NVIDIA CPUs, GPUs, and networking solutions. These systems will enable Foxconn’s global clientele to establish and operate their own AI factories, all optimized with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

Key NVIDIA technologies, such as the HGX™ reference designs and Nvidia networking, will drive these custom designs. These systems will empower Foxconn customers to leverage NVIDIA’s accelerated computing. This capability enables the provision of generative AI services and accelerates the training of autonomous entities like industrial robots and self-driving vehicles through advanced simulation techniques.

An AI factory of its own

Foxconn is also exploring the development of its own AI factory, harnessing the potential of NVIDIA’s Omniverse™ platform, Isaac, and Metropolis frameworks. With this, Foxconn aims to meet the rigorous production and quality standards of the electronics industry. An AI factory built on these NVIDIA platforms promises to revolutionize training, workflows, and simulations, ultimately translating to substantial gains in operational efficiency.

Safe, AI-powered electric vehicles

Foxconn is poised to deliver a range of NVIDIA DRIVE™ solutions to global automakers. It will serve as a tier-one manufacturer of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™-based electronic control units (ECUs), scaling to NVIDIA DRIVE Thor-based ECUs in the future.

These highly automated and AI-rich electric vehicles, featuring the upcoming NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 9 platform, are set to redefine the concept of functionally safe and secure software-defined cars.

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the fruits of this collaboration will not only benefit Foxconn and NVIDIA but will have a ripple effect across industries worldwide. With a new era of advanced data centers, smart solutions, and AI-driven applications, this powerhouse partnership is set to reshape the technological landscape we are in.

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