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Former ResellerClub Head Launches Logotron – B2B Logo Builder

Former ResellerClub Head Launches Logotron – B2B Logo Builder

Targeted at web hosts, site builders, domain registrars and web professionals, the logo builder is touted as the first of its kind with its wholesale focus.

Cathect Technologies, founded by Shridhar Luthria the former head of ResellerClub and LogicBoxes, recently launched its first product Logotron on the WHMCS Marketplace.

Hosting providers today know that their SMB customers are using several different web products like logo builders, email marketing, or even CRMs and HR tools. Unfortunately, there are no providers out there that offer a meaningful way to resell these types of products. They don’t have the right integration options or even the right margins that make sense for B2B partners. This is the gap we’re trying to fill.” said Shridhar.

Keeping this gap in mind, Logotron has been built as the world’s first Logo Builder with API and WHMCS integration options, boasts of being margin rich, and completely white-labelled.

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My team and I cumulatively have over 60 years of experience in the web presence space so we instantly knew that a product like this would add a lot of value for our partners. The search volume of logo based keywords are 4x that of domains and hosting keywords combined and at 1/10th the costs. We see logos as not just an additional revenue source but also a new acquisition channel for our partners.” added Shridhar.

The Logotron module was added on WHMCS Marketplace recently and is free to download.

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