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Firefox 14 Launched with “Secure Search” Feature

[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 20, 2012, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 14, the latest version of the web browser.  Many new features are integrated in Firefox 14 that improves security and enhanced support for modern Web standards.

Most promising change is the integration of “secure search” feature by default. This feature establishes a secure SSL- Encrypted HTTPS address link for every google searches made by the user. Security is enhanced by ensuring that the queries can’t be intercepted by packet sniffing.

“Secure Search” feature was launched out in Aurora channel by Mozilla back in the month of May. This feature is currently integrated only with Google searches but Mozilla is looking to integrate it soon with other search engines as well to expand support.

Mozilla has changed the changed the way that SSL use is presented in the browser. Favicons will be no longer displayed in Firefox14. It will now display either globe or padlock sign to clarify the users that the website they are visiting is SSL secured or not.

Another officially supported feature of Firefox 14 Pointer Lock API , which provides a smooth access to many applications present on the browser.  This functionality has a wide variety of potential uses, particularly for interactive gaming.

Download Firefox 14 to check out the new features.

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