Fasthosts continues growth with new UK-based Virtual Private Servers

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Fasthosts, one of the UK’s leading web hosting providers, has announced the launch their new Virtual Private Server (VPS) range, another innovation offered by the company to support growing businesses.

Hot on the heels of Bare Metal Servers and a new WordPress Hosting package released earlier this year, has seen Fasthosts focus on developing more flexible and scalable options to cater for the growing number of businesses and individuals seeking alternative approaches to tech investment and scalability.

David Ainscough, Product Owner, feels this new solution is the right fit for those seeking something in between a cloud and dedicated server.

“Our new Virtual Private Servers package is built on our cloud platform, so we have taken five years’ experience of managing, growing and enhancing that platform, and created a new virtual server offering with more reliability and options than others currently on the market,” said David Ainscough.

So, what is VPS for the uninitiated?

“Visualise a large server, or a cluster of servers, and divide them up into compartments that customers can claim as their own. They have full control over their environment, they can change all of the software settings and pretty much do anything they would do on a dedicated server, but for a fraction of the cost, because we’re looking after the main platform underneath it.”

“Users may not immediately realise they need a Virtual Private Server, they may, however, realise that they have outgrown their normal shared hosting when they discover they need more flexibility, or want to move away from noisy-neighbour syndrome, but don’t want the commitment of a dedicated server. Or perhaps a developer may want an inexpensive sandbox environment that can also accommodate three or four sites – which could contain anything from gaming to ecommerce.” 

“Virtual Private Servers could be an ideal solution if you have found yourself at the point of wanting a powerful but flexible solution, whatever you need it for, without the dedicated price tag. The entire platform is built using SSD technology giving users very fast access to files and the speedy delivery of page views.”

“With a VPS, users can easily increase memory which makes applications like WordPress more responsive. They can run more plugins faster and more reliably, and deal with increased traffic by increasing resources, and by adding more to add they can add more websites or projects at any time!”

Fasthosts gives users the option to install the Plesk Control Panel on their VPS, providing a clean, easy-to-use web interface to manage the server on. This can be particularly useful when you’re hosting multiples sites on your VPS. “You can become a mini-web host yourself using the Plesk control panel,” confirms David.

“We wanted to develop something that our developers would want to use. So our Virtual Private Servers come with features that we feel give an added edge, making it ideal for developing and testing applications, running game servers and hosting websites – it really is an all-round performer!” “New users can set up their Virtual Private Servers quickly from the Fasthosts website, or if you’re already with us, it’s even easier and you can set up via your control panel.”

“Fasthosts is incredibly proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year.  We are unique in that all of our Virtual Private Servers are located in Gloucestershire, with data held locally and staff on site at all times. It’s reassuring to tell people that their data never leaves our shores, it’s safe and secure at our HQ in Gloucester.”

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