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Facebook Reveals Secrets about its Energy Efficient Datacenter

Efficient Data Center. Do you know what all it takes to make one?  With this post, you will get to know how Facebook uses energy, materials, and water to bring cost efficiency in their Data Center

Facebook claims to be the first company to reveal its reports on water usage in one of their Data center at  Prineville. This announcement is made public to the Facebook’s  open compute project.This project launched last year had a key focus on how they use energy, materials and water to bring cost efficiency. Facebook released their incredible result of  WUE (water usage effectiveness) for the Prineville Data Center which comes out to be 0.22L/kWh .WUE is calculated by total intake of the water divided by the machines used .

Recently Facebook also revealed its aim of achieving 25% renewable energy resources in their data centers by 2015.This report will help the Facebook to show their customers  how efficient their data center’s is.

Despite going through a down phase in the stock market , Facebook  is trying to create data center best practices through its open compute project.

The water usage is minimized through Prineville 1′s mechanical system. It comprises a built-up penthouse that utilizes 100 percent outside air economization with a direct evaporative cooling and humidification misting system. This design allows to achieve a strong WUE. The end result is a mechanical system that is more water efficient than a typical chilled water/cooling tower data center mechanical system. The design of Prineville 1 inherently uses less water as it require less hours of ‘cooling’ since the OCP mechanical system uses free cooling via economization and can operate at higher temperatures.

Facebook also announced that it will be releasing its WUE metrics report on a quarterly basis for all of their data centers . WUE for their second building  at Prineville will be available next year , when that building will be made online .WUE metrics will be revealed for their Forest City, North Carolina data center when they have enough data to do so .

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