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Exabytes Singapore Announces 50% Discount For Unlimited Business Hosting

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 13, 2011 – Exabytes Network Singapore, a leading web hosting provider yesterday announced its 50% Year End Sale on its bestselling web hosting package, Unlimited Business Hosting which comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, add-on domains, websites, mailboxes, email accounts, data transfer and other free features such as 90-day Submitnet SEO among others.

A notable hosting provider with 10 years of experience and currently serves more than 50,000 clients in over 121 countries, the yearend sale sees Exabytes’ Ebiz Gold Unlimited package being reduced by 50% to as low as SGD6.65 per month inclusive of unlimited lifetime domains and hosting fees. “Our Unlimited EBiz Gold comes with numerous “unlimited” and is backed by 100-day money back guarantee with no setup up fees or hidden charges of any sort to ensure 100% piece of mind. That’s one of the reasons why it’s been our top selling package all the while,” Exabytes’ Business and Development manager Roger Lew was quoted as saying.

Exabytes Small Business Web Hosting is designed to offer reliable and affordable Web and Email Hosting Plans for SOHO/SME and help businesses focus on their core business activity with its 24×7 professional technical support and well equipped data center. Its unlimited and free features include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, add-on domains, websites, mailboxes, email accounts, data transfer as well as free lifetime domains (TLDs), free backup mail server, free 90-day Submitnet SEO and free website templates. The Year End Unlimited Business Hosting Sale starts on date and ends on date.

Serving its first customer since 2001, Exabytes Network has had 10 years of experience in server management and technical know-how. Its commitments to customers include 24x7x365 professional technical support, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 100-Day Money Back, friendly customer service team, 99.9% Network Uptime and 99.5% Server Uptime.


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