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Essential Features for On-Demand Doctor’s App Development

On-demand apps are the most delicate technology structure in the market that brings the offline and online world together. On-demand apps have different verticals that revolutionize the world in one touch. Now, the healthcare sector is one of those sectors that have continuously experienced comprehensive changes with the integration of technological progression. The on-demand healthcare industry is now providing the healthcare on-demand service app, which facilitates the fastest and easiest way to see urgent care by doctor or psychologist as per your comfort.

The idea of developing the on-demand healthcare app solves the problems based on real-time. Health issues require a quick solution and convenience of medical care. But as per the present scenario, patients still have to wait for long hours or days to take an appointment from the doctor. As per the survey conducted in 15 major cities of the US, on average, it takes 24 days for the new patients to get an appointment with the physician.

The medical health sector is touching new heights with the emergence of doctor on-demand apps that have changed the way patients book appointments with doctors. Thus, the majority of patients are now tending to use the digital platform, a doctor on-demand app.

  • According to the report from Statista, “The global telemedicine market was valued around 18 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected to increase to over 40 billion dollars by 2021”.

4 powerful features that need to consider before developing App Like Doctor on Demand

Add Live video feature

For any startup, it should be a vital feature to facilitate users a facility to do live video. In the healthcare sector, one-to-one live video sessions with physicians will deliver high-quality care and convenience to both the patient and the doctor. The doctor will understand the patient more deeply while he/she is not available in the city. Also, the patient will get satisfaction by giving details to the doctor about their health.

If you are a physician by profession who is thinking to create an app like doctor on-demand, then you need to consider the following points first:

  • Through your on-demand healthcare mobile app, patients or app users can connect with experienced and certified physicians at any time of the day and anywhere. The only need is an internet connection.
  • Make your video technology as the backbone for your doctor’s on-demand app. In this way, the app facilitates extra care during the use of the Doctor’s on-demand app.

List of Qualified and experienced Doctors

This feature displays a list of board-certified physicians and facilitates users an assurance of stress-free health solutions. With this list, the patient will choose the doctor as per their preferences of diseases, location, review, and budget. Hence, it allows doctors and physicians to give their patients with suitable treatment promptly.

Manage appointments

This must be one of the important features for the doctor’s on-demand app, which you need to consider while developing the apps. The app must schedule the appointment automatically when requested by the patient and doctors’ availability. So, the app must feature by the time management that facilitates both doctors and patients. Also, the app must have provisions for an emergency appointment.

Cloud-based record storage

For the storage of data and records, the doctor’s on-demand app must have the cloud infrastructure and powerful SDKs. For the patient perspective, once they have enrolled themselves with the app, they must be allotted with e-medical record storage that stores all their information regarding their medical data, reports, medicines details, and communication history. If necessary, the information will be shared with other specialists or patients’ families. This feature is also useful for doctors to save their informative videos on the app.

Summing Up

If you’re a physician and want to create an on-demand doctor app, then it is a must to hire one of the proficient team of developers that have experienced in on-demand app development. What you require is, an excellent plan to explore the market, the right strategy, the right plan of execution at your end, and a group of creative features that attract users to use your app.

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