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ESDS Launches ENlight–Its Intelligent Cloud Hosting Platform

ESDS Launches ENlight–Its Intelligent Cloud Hosting Platform

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 28, 2011 – ESDS announced the launch of eNlight Cloud Computing Platform – World’s first intelligent cloud that truly does justice to the concept of Cloud Computing. eNlight Cloud is an addition to the company’s existing portfolio of other software products and managed hosting services, designed keeping in mind small and medium-sized businesses. It represents a system of internal control information assets for real time (live environment) VM management, Instant Deployment Auto Scaling and Web Based Console View. With eNlight Cloud, users can manage their VM real time and get On-demand dynamic scaling. It also comes with Pre-Configured OS, an Intuitive Control Panel and a unique ‘Pay-as-Per-Consumption’ prepaid billing model, the first in the industry. All this backed by ESDS’s solid infrastructure and reliable 24×7 technical support.

Conceptualized & developed fully by the ESDS R&D team, eNlight Cloud is an ideal solution for those who require high performance, scalable, reliable, yet affordable cloud hosting solution. Users have unlimited resources at their disposal, yet they remain in full control and pay only for what they actually use. eNlight is an ideal solution for those who need resources for limited span of time and wish to avoid investing in high specification servers just to meet the demand for resources during peak hours.

On-demand dynamic scaling automatically detects requirement for increasing/decreasing capacity and quickly adjusts the RAM and CPU usage of the server without incurring any downtime. Upon detecting a rise in demand for resources, it scales itself up to meet the demand; similarly when the demand falls, the cloud scales itself down to minimize the resources consumption. The unique ‘Pay-as-Per-Consumption’ prepaid billing model makes sure that users do not have to spend more than they intend to and thereby remain in full control of the costs.

Equipped with an easy to use Web Based Console, users can easily manage the cloud setup themselves. They can keep an eye on the server performance and activity logs in detail including the CPU, HDD, Bandwidth and RAM consumption for their VM. Based on these statistics, users can also forecast their VM resource usage bill.

The company states that eNlight Cloud will allow businesses to automate a significant amount of routine business processes and take care of the major business objectives, thereby utilize the time saved towards implementation of core business tasks.

About ESDS
ESDS offers a comprehensive suite of fully managed data center services including Server Co-location, Managed Dedicated Servers, Cloud Computing, Hosted Banking Solution, ERP implementation and Hosting, Grid Server Hosting, VMware, Virtuozzo, Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Hosting, Windows Server 2008 and Application Services. ESDS is amongst leading IT companies in E-Governance and M-Governance sector.

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