Equinix expands its data center platform to establish interconnection between businesses worldwide 

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The data center provider, Equinix, announced the expansion of its global platform through virtual and physical connection between its International Business Exchange (IBX) datacenters worldwide. Called inter-metro connectivity, the service will enable seamless, on-demand, direct and private access for customers of any field to connect to other Equinix customers from all Equinix locations.

Equinix has renamed its Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) to ECX Fabric, through which it will deliver this inter-metro connectivity. The new service uses the existing SDN features of ECX, enabling customers to customize their connectivity to any other customer, like partner and supplier, across all Equinix locations.

“As digital transformation intensifies, business possibilities have no limits and neither should an organization’s IT infrastructure. Building a digital business requires the ability to reach strategic global destinations on demand, to access everyone that matters, and to bring people, clouds, data and things together. Today’s announcements and our future product and services roadmap are aimed at leveraging the Equinix global platform to serve as a strategic partner for companies on this journey,” said Sara Baack, Chief Marketing Officer, Equinix.

The cloud service providers (CSPs) within a metro or across other metros can establish geo-redundant multicloud and hybrid cloud architectures, and extend their reach to enterprise buyers in more metros where they don’t have a physical presence.

Equinix said that the interconnection will help companies to enhance their application performance, reduce latency, increase security, and better the network control and visibility.

ECX Fabric currently has over 1,000 participants including the leading enterprises, CSPs (Alibaba Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure), and SaaS providers (Salesforce, SAP).

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ECX Fabric capabilities are available at all ECX locations in the North America and the EMEA regions. Equinix will roll out these capabilities to seven new metros in Americas and EMEA regions in Q4 2017 and early 2018.

Equinix also announced the extension of Equinix Internet Exchange (EIX) into nine new metros in EMEA and Americas regions.

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