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Novosoft Announces Epic Linux Image Backup for Mixed OS Networks Software Functionality

Novosoft LLC, the developer of data backup killer apps, introduced new functionality for the Handy Backup software. The update is to bring Linux backup for PCs in mixed OS networks.

Daily Host News, February 8, 2012 – Novosoft, the provider of data backup software-based services, announced plans for the Handy Backup software evolution. The utility is to feature the highly anticipated backup of Linux workstations managed via a network from Windows PCs. The update is coming as a part of a common software evolution strategy oriented toward mixed OS network backup management, also bringing remote Linux image backup and a bunch of other smart options.

“It is data that matters, not the platform. Enterprise computer networks of today are motley. There are users who traditionally work under Windows and those who prefer Linux. Recently there also arrived mobile devices which became a part of those networks too, in some sense. Up to a moment, the differences in platform architectures made it a problem for the backup to proceed in such mixed OS networks. But not anymore. Handy Backup is preparing a major update: backup of both Windows and Linux workstations remotely in a network,” said Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

The announced update of Handy Backup is brining enhanced server backupfunctionality. The soon to arrive software version will help to back up Linux workstations, managing the task over a network from a Windows machine.

Among other announced improvements there is the decentralization of workstation backup controls. Based on client-server architecture, earlier Handy Backup has been featuring centralized controls: the management of all backup tasks was processed from a single network administrator computer running under Windows. Now a chance to arrange a workstation backup from any machine in the mixed OS network is coming.

With regard to previously announced and established functionality, like Linux image backup, the software solution becomes one of the most powerful products on the network backup utility market.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a ridiculously awesome data backup line of software products for home and business users. The software family includes four products for PC and network backup, plus an app for Android mobile devices. The software edition for workstation backup for Linux-Windows computers connected is Network Server. The present software version is 7.0.15. For more information, feel welcome to visit the official Handy Backup web page and check Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC specializes in software development and IT consultancy. Among the partners and clients of the company there are big names like NASA, Stanford University, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. Besides business achievements, Novosoft is also known for supporting IT departments of international universities and other social activity. For more information, please be welcome to visit


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