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Elementor and Strattic unite to bring a new era of web development


Elementor, which has developed an open-source platform for web creators, has officially acquired Strattic, the world’s predominant WordPress static hosting solution.

Elementor is building on its acquisition of Strattic by adding yet another tool to help WordPress web creators with stability, speed and security issues in the dynamic sites by leveraging the technology behind the static website builder and providing users an all-inclusive platform backed by leading editor plugin core technologies.

Founded in 2018, Strattic has spearheaded static architecture for running stable and reliable websites. With static hosting, users will be able to deploy their dynamic WordPress websites as static HTML/CSS replicas to global CDN networks. This will drastically improve the performance of the sites and eliminate potential security vulnerabilities and site breakdowns during updates.

“I firmly believe that Strattic’s technology, know-how, talent, and established market position as the leader of this technology in the WordPress space will allow us to offer the benefits of static hosting to the entire Elementor community and provide a platform for hosting ultra-performant large-scale websites — all in one place”, said Yoni Luksenberg, Co-Founder & CEO at Elementor in his blog post.

“Following a phenomenal four years of building out a world-class product and providing our users with the best static and headless WordPress solution possible, we are excited to be joining the Elementor family where we can continue to solve the biggest challenges facing WordPress users,” said Miriam Schwab, CEO of Strattic.

With its founding vision of empowering web creators, Elementor has been at the forefront of website design and building standards as WordPress’ fastest-growing web creation platform. Elementor and Strattic will now work together to bring the static experience to millions of WordPress and Elementor users as part of their shared vision of building the perfect platform for web creators.

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