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Edge Data Center market to cross USD 13 billion by 2024, finds report

Edge Data Center market to cross USD 13 billion by 2024, finds report

According to a new market research by Global Market Insights Inc., Edge Data Center market is projected to cross USD 13 billion by the year 2024. The increasing demand for cloud and edge computing is driving the market for Edge, per the report.

Using these technologies, organizations can set up infrastructure facilities closer to their source of data generation. This gives complete control over data processing and storage at the network edge, which is comparatively better than establishing it in a traditional centralized facility.

The application of these technologies in the industrial sector can result in reduced network traffic, low operating costs, real-time data analysis and improved business operations.

Need for a secured data environment is propelling the growth of edge data centers

Edge facilities are pre-built with protection against environmental conditions like humidity, heat, fire, rain etc. Further, the manufacturer products are coupled with various cooling and fire protecting devices which can save infrastructure facilities from any external damage. Thus, the application of these technologies gives an increased level of protection and privacy to the customer data.

IT and telecom service providers witness increased requirements for Edge facilities to meet their high computational power and 5G needs

IT and telecom sector is seeing a huge adoption of edge data center facility due to the rise in the demand of high computational power. The amount of data generated in the telecom market is also growing rapidly, which further requires them to deploy edge-based solutions to lower latency and optimize costs.

Telecom providers need to meet customized demands with a variety of plans they offer. The speed and security of Edge drives telcos towards it.

Also, with the upcoming 5G boom, telecommunication companies will be forced to deploy their facility closer to the 5G towers for faster services.

DCIM solutions are witnessing huge demand in the Edge Data center market

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions are seeing a huge demand in the Edge Data Center market. Increased application of these software for asset management, incident management and data recovery, drives its demand in the market.

IT managers also depend on these solutions to manage data center power and cooling facility.

Accurate data generation, better forecasting, less manual intervention and centralized management are some of the advantages of a DCIM software.

Strong demand for Edge data center installation and integration services

The report suggests a huge demand in installation and integration services in the edge data center due to rise in application of Edge in several business sectors. Companies who wish to deploy these facility via their own IT department have to compromise with the cost. Hence, most the companies, depend on manufacturers to maintain, manage and install these IT facilities. Thus, driving its growth.

Edge Data Center growth by application

IT & telecom sector secured 30 % of the overall market share of Edge data center. BFSI sector also witnessed a huge adoption rate. Concern for security and safety of data were identified as the driving factors. Edge technology will offer them faster disaster detection, reduced risk of loss or theft of data, reduction in data transmission durations and many other benefits.

Source: Global Market Insights

Amongst the region wise Edge data center market distribution and trend, North America edge data centers are projected to grow at 19% CAGR. Increasing adoption of advanced infrastructure facilities in the European countries is the major driver of growth in the Europe region.

Major players identified include Huawei Technologies, Rittal GmbH & Co., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM Corporation, Eaton Corporation, EdgeConneX, Schneider Electric SA and many others.

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