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EcomNets To Open Green Data Center 11-11-11 In The City Of Danville

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 11, 2011 – EcomNets’ cloud hosting infrastructure will take another big step forward this week with the Cloud Computing platform launch of our Danville Green Data Center, scheduled for today, November 11, 2011. At more than 20,000 square feet, this facility significantly expands our ability to meet the demand generated from our Managed Hosting, Managed Storage, Virtual Data Room, Cloud Scanning, and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Investing in turbulent economic times is always a tough choice – one that EcomNets is clearly making by investing in technology and innovation in a thoughtful and measured manner with an eye towards long-term growth for its customers, its shareholders, and business. EcomNets’ data centers represent the infrastructure foundation of the company’s cloud hosting solutions and demonstrate how EcomNets is positioning itself to compete and succeed with an eye toward energy efficiency.

EcomNets Green Data Centre strategy is designed to create computing experiences that offer both the best of client technology and the best of the Web to connect people, data, devices, and applications in the most energy efficient manner capable.

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One aspect of this data centre involves the company’s continued focus on environmental best practices.They are able to realize greater conservation of energy and deliver new advancements in power efficiency. In addition, EcomNets and its vendors are constantly researching new approaches around power and cooling alternatives to reduce energy consumption even more in the future.

About EcomNets
EcomNets is a privately held company. EcomNets is a Green IT Solutions Provider (GSP) which helps organizations who are committed to climate change. EcomNets develops and markets virtualization-based software and hardware solutions that deliver superior desktop computing. Website:

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