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Website backup tool: eBackupper hits version 1.0

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eBackupper, a SaaS-based online data backup program developed by AOMEI Technology, recently hit version 1.0. It allows users to backup their websites and databases to cloud, and safely restore them whenever required.

The webmasters can also back up the sites and databases to their own cloud drives. For this, all they need to do is create a free account. It currently supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Support for more cloud services and new features will be added in future, said eBackupper.

Importance of Website Backups

Nowadays, the management of website has become easier than ever. But the website security still remains a concern. The websites can get hacked, break after an update, or an accidental deletion can happen. It would be a nightmare for the site owners if they don’t have the backup.

Also, the accidental deletion can happen from the end of your web hosting provider. This can lead the site owners to start the website from scratch. Moreover, it is reported that more than 40% of small and medium businesses don’t back up their data. This is a serious concern.

Having a backup of the data is the easiest way for data protection that allows users to turn back the clock. eBackupper allows users to schedule the backup and data will be automatically backed up to cloud.

Features of eBackupper

  • One-click website backup: The eBackupper backs up the website to cloud with just a click. It currently supports FTP and SFTP.
  • Back up Database to Cloud: It creates complete backup of database and store the copy in cloud.
  • Reliable Restore: It allows users to restore the website and database whenever required.
  • Support All Devices & OS: Along with support for desktop devices, it also works well with several operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, Android, etc.
  • Email Notification: It notifies the user via email about the completion of backup task, and also if the task encounters some error.
  • Customized Backup Settings: It also allows users to back up and restore the selected files as per need, schedule automatic backups, etc.

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Other than these, the eBackupper also features database migration, management of sources and destination clouds, restore logs, and download the backed-up file from cloud.

The eBackupper 1.0 is now generally available.

Image source: eBackupper

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