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Domain Registrar Namecheap to Provide Onepager as Webbuilder to Customers, Makes Equity Investment

Domain Registrar Namecheap to Provide Onepager as Webbuilder to Customers, Makes Equity Investment

Namecheap, Inc. one of the leading domain name registrars, has chosen Onepager as its exclusive website builder for customers. The partnership will bring simple and intuitive web design to Namecheap’s customers and domain names under its management. Customers will now have the ability to   launch their websites quickly and economically using the Onepager builder, immediately after choosing the perfect domain.

The purpose behind the move is to reduce the number of ‘parked’ pages on the web, which often happens when users are faced with the overwhelming task of building out a website. “We’re pleased that now, Namecheap can immediately offer customers the ability to quickly design and launch a simple site with Onepager, right after they’ve registered their domain,” says Matthew Moore, co-founder , Onepager.

Additionally, Namecheap has made a significant equity investment in Onepager, ensuring that Onepager has ample resources to continue creating easy, simple and intuitive website building options for customers. “We have utmost confidence in the Onepager team to deliver elegant and intuitive solutions for our customers to easily establish a web presence,” said Richard Kirkendall, CEO of Namecheap.

Offering a website builder to customers is a good way for a web host to provide a web design option without hiring a design department. According to the Namecheap website, Onepager can be added to an existing domain or a new domain. It costs $3.33 per month, and offers SEO and mobile components.

Onepager has  been helping individuals and companies around the world build their own sites with plenty of built-in features such as e-commerce, newsletters, and forms. Applying drag-and-drop logic to pre-designed and customizable themes, the platform ensures that anyone of any skill level can create a beautiful, tailor-made website in minutes. As Namecheap has also valued intuitive and user-friendly service since it was founded in 2000, Onepager is a natural complement to its domain registration and web hosting services.

About Onepager 
Founded in 2011, Onepager helps   companies facing limited resources make their mark online while saving time and money. Onepager’s platform provides an easy, quick way to create and manage beautiful, tailor-made webpages, giving a company  more time to focus on their business. For more information,  visit

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