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Docker announces new Enterprise Edition to facilitate application modernization

Docker announces new Enterprise Edition to facilitate application modernization

Docker Inc. recently introduced the general availability of Docker Enterprise Edition.

The new release puts Docker in the lead to bring first of its kind Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution in the market. It also extended support to include IBM Z and Windows Server 2016.

The new solution will have Linux, Windows and Linux-based mainframe applications to give maximum benefits to the users.

Docker EE has the capability to combine different Linux and Windows application into one single platform with complete flexibility and control, broad range application support and end-to-end automated software supply chain.

With this, organizations can now easily include Docker EE into their existing processes and workflows.

It is the only solution that modernizes Windows, Linux and mainframe applications across cloud and on-premises without requiring any changes in code. Thus, it stands as a non-disruptive way to modernize organization’s applications and package them, to help them compete in the digital era.

It further supports multi-tenancy with complete security. Organizations can define role-based access control and define physical and logical boundaries for various teams operating on the same Docker EE environment.

The new features of Docker EE help organizations to create pre-defined policies in automation.

Docker as per the industry reports is also raising $75 million to support its business objectives. The company’s new board member Steve Singh believes that there are a lot many companies that are yet to embrace container technology and Docker would help them get on-board easily.

The new service addition will accelerate the company’s goal to commercialize containers.

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