Do Linkedin Need To Be Beware from Facebook Jobs?

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According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Facebook could launch a searchable job board later this summer named as Facebook Jobs. Facebook Jobs will aggregates all the jobs posted by the third party and present them in one place thereby creating the searchable repository of jobs for the users.

With 900 million users & their data, Facebook Jobs could provide an excellent recruiting solution with better targeting & more varied user base than Linkedin. Lots of questions has already been raised on the continued success of Linkedin after Facebook Jobs.

The use of recruiting applications like BranchOut ,Glassdoor,JobVite, Work4Labs and their success may have turned up as motivation for Zuckerberg  to create Facebook Jobs. “Facebook Jobs” will not cut off these job apps rather it will partner with them to make the inclusive social recruitment system.

With the introduction of Facebook Jobs, Facebook will surely add another source of revenue to its business model.  Until now, major revenue sources for the Facebook are social ads and virtual payments. Facebook Jobs could make the service of the job postings for free in the initial stage but could look to monetize it later on.

The bread & butter of Linkedin is at risk with comparatively high number of Facebook users & the viral effect of this social networking portal.

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