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DNS Flag Day: Domain names with non-compliant DNS servers might become unavailable

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From DNS Flag Day 2019, the DNS software and service providers are going to stop supporting certain accommodations for non-complaint DNS implementations from their software or services. These changes are coming to the DNS systems that aren’t completely compliant with EDNS standards.

As per the DNS Flag Day site, “The current DNS is unnecessarily slow and inefficient because of efforts to accommodate a few DNS systems that are not in compliance with DNS standards established two decades ago.”

The DNS Flag Day is February 1, 2019. To remediate non-compliant systems, the DNS service providers are ending certain accommodations. A number of leading operators have agreed to support the initiative. These include Facebook, Google, Cisco, Cloudflare, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), NLnet Labs, CZ.NIC, Quad9, PowerDNS, and CleanBrowsing.

The domain names operated by non-compliant DNS servers will be affected by this change. The aim of making the DNS servers compliant is to increase efficiency of DNS operations and enable operators to deploy new functionalities, such as new mechanisms to protect against DDoS attacks.

According to ISC, “Domains served by DNS servers that are not compliant with the standard will not function reliably when queried by resolvers that have been updated to the post-Flag Day version, and may become unavailable via those updated resolvers.

“If your company’s DNS zones are served by non-compliant servers, your online presence will slowly degrade or disappear as ISPs and other organizations update their resolvers. When you update your own internal DNS resolvers to versions that don’t implement workarounds, some sites and email servers may become unreachable.”

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Website owners/domain holders can test their domains here to know if they are ready for the planned change. The test results will show whether users need to take any further steps or not. If the domain name is set for the changes, it will show an “All Ok!” in green. Or the users will get recommendations on any further steps needed to be taken.

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