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DigitalOcean’s new data center in Sydney to expand compute capabilities for SMBs in ANZ region

DigitalOcean data center

American cloud infrastructure provider, DigitalOcean, is expanding its global presence with a new data center in Sydney, Australia (SYD1). This new facility will support DigitalOcean’s current and prospective customers and their end-users in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Sydney is DigitalOcean’s ninth global region to house a data center and the fifteenth facility overall.

“With hundreds of thousands of current customers using our global network today, we’re excited to expand the breadth and capability of our infrastructure to better serve small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding region,” said DigitalOcean CEO, Yancey Spruill. “This state-of-the-art data center will provide low-latency connectivity and our IaaS and PaaS productivity tools for startup businesses and SMBs in these important, rapidly growing markets.”

It is expected that the cloud computing market in Australia will grow by 12.5% by 2025. Cloud spending by SMBs is also expected to grow marginally faster than enterprise organizations. The strong and evolving technology business landscape in Australia, especially in Sydney, along with the telecommunications connectivity options which include submarine communications cables that connect directly to the United States and Asia, make Sydney an ideal choice for the next DigitalOcean data center.

Unique qualities of DigitalOcean’s Sydney data center

Excellent network connectivity: The Sydney data center is connected to DigitalOcean’s private internet network which reduces dependency on the public internet. It provides direct access to Asia, North America, and Europe. It also offers diverse connections to California and Singapore. As the requests travel mostly on DigitalOcean’s network, users will experience exceptional performance and will not encounter the effects of jitter, latency, and packet loss associated with sending data over the public internet.

High network throughput/capacity: SYD1 provides 400 Gbps of connectivity to the internet backbone network. It is connected to California and Singapore via the lowest latency links. SYD1 also offers 400 Gbps of domestic connectivity to major local transit providers like Telstra and Vocus. It also provides 400 Gbps of connectivity to domestic internet peering exchanges like EdgeIX.

Peering with hyperscalers: Startups and SMBs mostly use a multi cloud strategy for increasing redundancy and decreasing vendor lock-in. DigitalOcean customers often use hyperscalers as part of their multi cloud strategy. SYD1 offers seamless peering with hyperscalers making it easier for them to adopt a multi-cloud strategy for their business.

Quick Failovers: During any network glitch, the SYD1 infrastructure makes sure that failovers happen quickly in seconds instead of minutes. The traffic is routed quickly and smartly, giving a reliable and secure experience.

Security and Privacy: SYD1’s infrastructure is located in a secure cage with floor-to-ceiling panels. Only a select few DigitalOcean employees have access to it.

As of today, users can deploy droplets, spin up DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters, provision a managed database, or make use of any other DigitalOcean product from the SYD1 region.

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