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DigitalOcean simplifies container orchestration with new Kubernetes offering on its cloud

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DigitalOcean Kubernetes

DigitalOcean, the leading cloud infrastructure provider, announced a new Kubernetes-based cloud service called DigitalOcean Kubernetes.

Announced at KubeCon Europe, the new service is aimed at making it easier for developers and businesses to run software container on DigitalOcean cloud platform. It can eliminate the hassles related to setting up, managing and securing Kubernetes clusters.

“Over the last year, Kubernetes has emerged as the container orchestration platform of choice, and as one of the leading public clouds, investing in supporting our customers’ adoption of containers was a natural evolution to our roadmap,” said DigitalOcean VP of Product Shiven Ramji.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes has been integrated with company’s storage service (DigitalOcean Spaces), firewall tools and other prominent features, to remove the underlying complexities of running Kubernetes.

“We’ve always been devoted to providing simple solutions for developers — starting with our cloud servers, Droplets. This product is no exception, allowing developers to focus on successfully shipping their applications while not being burdened by the complexity involved with creating and running a highly scalable and secure cluster across multiple apps,” added Ramji. 

All the users will get an individual cluster for isolation and security for containerized applications. They’ll have the access to full Kubernetes API.

To simplify the management of network traffic in and out of Kubernetes cluster, DigitalOcean has included its Cloud Firewalls in the new product. The Cloud Firewalls offering was launched last year to filter the traffic to the environments.

There is also a feature called ‘teams’ that allows development teams to manage access and permissions to cluster. Furthermore, the DigitalOcean Kubernetes will store all the information separate from node, allowing developers to analyze and learn from their performance.

“We designed DigitalOcean Kubernetes with developers and their teams in mind, so you can save time and deploy your container workloads without needing to configure everything from scratch. Automatic deployment of load balancers, block storage, firewalls, ingress controllers, and more makes configuring your cluster on DigitalOcean as simple as deploying a Droplet,” wrote Jamie Wilson, Senior Product Manager at DigitalOcean, in a blog post.

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It is expected to be available through an early access program in June, with general availability expected later this year.

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