DigitalOcean launches Spaces: A scalable object storage for developers

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DigitalOcean, an American cloud infrastructure provider, launched a standalone object storage service named Spaces, to enable developers store and serve data with automatic scalability, performance, and reliability.

Spaces provides automatic scalable storage, so the projects always have room to grow. It can host web assets, store user-generated content such as images and media files, with archiving backups in cloud and storing logs.

Using Spaces, a Space can be created in just two clicks- Name the Space and tap Create. The permissions and metadata for one to many files can be quickly changed at once. It is useful when the developers are applying uniform permissions and metadata across a large number of files. It also provides a large ecosystem of S3-comaptible tools and libraries to manage the Space.

“Spaces is the most important product we’ve released since Droplet, the first SSD-based compute instance in the market. DigitalOcean is becoming the developer’s platform, providing storage, compute and networking capabilities to scale applications of any size. Despite the technical complexity of launching a product like this, we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure Spaces maintains the same ease-of-use and effortless UI as our other products. We wanted to simplify the way developers can innovate so they can spend time building great software,” says DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky.

The data is stored securely with same simplicity and encryption on physical disks using 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption. The access to Spaces and files can be limited using Spaces API keys and permissioning. The stored files in Spaces are distributed using erasure coding, a fault-tolerant placement technique. Spaces has the ability of tolerating multiple host failures without blocking any client I/O or any data loss.

DigitalOcean is providing Spaces at an affordable pricing which starts at $5 per month including 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound data transferred per month. Additional storage is available at $0.02 per GB stored, and additional bandwidth at $0.01 per GB of data transferred. Uploads to Spaces are free. They are also offering 2-month free trial.

It is available in NYC3 region, and is expected to be available in AMS3 before the end of this year. Will be available in more regions in early 2018.

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