DigiCert’s Reduces SSL Certificates Issuance Time to an Hour

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DigiCert, leading online security & SSL Certificate authority, announced on Tuesday it is now issuing High-Assurance SSL certificates to their customers within an average processing time of less than an hour. While fast issuance and strong authentication have always been core tenets of DigiCert’s service philosophy, its support team has recently completed a streamlining initiative that has improved DigiCert’s certificate issuance times by 50 percent in the last 12 months.

According to the company’s press release, DigiCert employs a tenured, knowledgeable staff to help guide customers through the process of organization and extended validation to avoid unnecessary delays and save customers valuable time. Prioritizing security, DigiCert retains the steps required to ensure a thoroughly validated and authenticated certificate to provide both security and fast issuance to their customers.

“DigiCert serves as our primary SSL provider, because of their amazing customer support and prompt turnaround,” said Jason Webber, Director of Information Technology at HubSpot, Inc. “With a rapidly growing organization, we see great value in DigiCert’s knowledgeable, friendly support staff and tools to help us securely and quickly deploy new certificates, with the confidence that the company will be there throughout all stages of the certificate lifecycle.”

DigiCert says that the customers who will provide them with the appropriate identification documents can expect faster and reliable issuance process. DigiCert is webtrust audited and actively promotes the highest standards within the industry groups.  The company also claims  to offer $1 million warranty and 30 days money back warranty to their dissatisfied customers, and DigiCert’s knowledgeable support staff guide customers during each step of the order process.


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