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Dell EMC’s new Machine and Deep Learning solutions to bring power of HPC and data analytics to enterprises

Dell EMC’s new Machine and Deep Learning solutions to bring power of HPC and data analytics to enterprises

Dell EMC at SuperComputing conference 2017, announced its new machine learning and deep learning solutions to bring the power of HPC (high performance computing) and data analytics to the mainstream enterprises.

The new solutions combine HPC and data analytics to empower enterprises with opportunities in image processing, fraud detection, financial investment analysis and other similar areas through ready bundles for easier deployment.

Artificial Intelligence techniques like machine and deep learning have been increasingly deployed and used by enterprises but not many have the required skill set and expertise to manage such systems effectively. Here, Dell EMC’s new solutions built around its expertise in HPC and data analytics, offer customers the ability to leverage maximum insights from their collected data for faster and better performances.

Our customers consistently tell us that one of their biggest challenges is how to best manage and learn from the ever-increasing amount of data they collect daily. With Dell EMC’s high-performance computing experience, we’ve seen how our artificial intelligence solutions can deliver critical insights from this data, faster than ever before possible. Working with our strategic technology partners, we’re able to bring these powerful capabilities to all enterprises. When you think about what this means for industries like financial services or personalized medicine, the possibilities are endless and exciting.Armughan Ahmad, senior vice president/general manager, Hybrid Cloud and Ready Solutions, Dell EMC.

The new solution bring together optimized pre-tested and validated servers, storage and networking for machine and deep learning applications. Simplified identification, analysis and automation of data patterns will help customers use data insights in a variety of applications from facial recognition in security to studying human behavior in retail industry.

Customers will also be benefitting from the introduction of new Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server – supporting NVIDIA latest generation technology.

The Dell EMC Ready Bundles will be available in the first innings of 2018 via Dell EMC and its efficient channel partners, while Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 will be available by December 2017.

With AI going mainstream, technology vendors like IBM, HPE and Dell EMC are pushing their services to be HPC and AI capable, and help developers and enterprises deploy HPC applications. While, HPE has been a leading name in HPC and supercomputing for years, other vendors are also increasing their efforts in the realm. This include IBM integrating its deep learning PowerAI enterprise software with its Data Science Experience.

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