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Dedicated Game Server Giant ProlimeHost Announces Discounts for Phoenix Datacenter Hosting

Dedicated Game Server Giant  ProlimeHost Announces Discounts for Phoenix Datacenter Hosting

ProlimeHost , a start-up that has carved its way to emerge as a web-hosting giant, has made a price discount announcement that will make online gamers happy. The company has launched a coupon to reduce their hosting prices by 25% for the upcoming Holiday season. In addition, they further announced dedicating additional hardware in their Phoenix data center, citing improved gaming experience to the end-user as the reason.

“We are excited to let our current and potential customers know that we have dedicated a group of our high-performance servers with accelerated hardware for our online gaming customers, and reduced the subscription cost to these dedicated servers by 25% through our usage coupon”, said an upbeat Tom Beck, the CTO of the web host, in a short and quick press conference earlier today. “Each dedicated game server has been allocated a special slot in the racks such that the slots are the best-equipped with network speed and bandwidth. Our Phoenix based dedicated servers are the ones that have been specially set up for this purpose. The discounts on the dedicated servers are all set to be offered for the entire upcoming Holiday season.”

ProlimeHost has been on the news for a number of reasons in 2012. Surprisingly, apart from a few audit reports of their system and software upgrades, all the events in the company have portrayed a story of growth and enhancements. The company audit reports, carried out on a quarterly basis, have also indicated positive impact of these recent growth-related announcements, showing a growth in the top line and the bottom line of the company.

The industry analysts reacted to today’s announcement with a set of mixed reactions. While one group of experts were of the opinion that the dedicated server based web hosting business, including their gaming business, has been a strategically robust move with good bottom line impacts, the others were not too optimistic about the move. “This group (Prolime) has been making too many announcements in too short a time frame. It looks like they are trying to swallow a pill bigger than what I believe they are capable of. Such quality is too difficult to maintain with such thin margins that the company ought to land up into after their price cuts are effective, and that may not be sustainable in the longer run”, said an expert from the web hosting industry on condition of anonymity.

The company, however, was optimistic. “We have listened to our customers’ requirements. This move could shoot up the number of additional customers by almost 30% with luck, but I don’t see the number at anywhere below 15%. Looking at the fact that even a 15% growth will offset our investments towards this restructuring effort, our top and bottom lines will move upwards because of our bold decision to provide discounted dedicated hosting to our Phoenix datacenter based game server offering.”

About ProlimeHost:
Prolimehost is a leading provider of Web-hosting solutions and services for global business. Across the globe, businesses depend on Prolimehost’s easy-to-use, advanced and dependable web hosting architecture, as well as responsive and well-informed customer service to power their online presence.Based in India, with offices located in Dallas, USA, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Indore In India , Prolimehost is at the forefront of providing quality web solutions and hosting services. Widely acknowledged as the key driver of the Internet business, Prolimehost provides end-to-end solutions that span the entire gamut of the web hosting value chain.

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