.dealer Domains launching with GoDaddy & NameCheap, offer premium tiers + promotional pricing

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.dealer Domains, the premier domain name registrar for online dealerships, announced today the relaunch with strategic partners GoDaddy and NameCheap, and the launch of new pricing tiers for its premium domain name registrations.

The .dealer domain ending authenticates a business’s online presence and lets customers know that they can complete a trusted transaction. .dealer domains are inclusive of all industries across the world. From luxury goods, cars, appliances, software, or even jewelry. Whether you sell or deal there is a .dealer domain for you.

With the prevalence of online shopping and digital marketing your domain name matters. Secure your brand name, industry keyword or location to claim your dealer digital territory. Now is your chance to secure high value domains like:,, and “With a .dealer domain, companies can proudly display their authorized dealership status. It’s the ultimate digital destination for businesses to showcase their distinction and cement their position as trusted industry leaders,” says Josh Brandley, President at Intercap, the parent company that owns .dealer domains.

“We are excited to be implementing the new premium pricing tiers for .dealer domains while continuing our major strategic partnerships with GoDaddy and Namecheap as they have added .dealer to their TLD offering.”

The new Premium pricing structure will launch on May 30 2023, with official roll out taking place June 10 2023. .dealer Domains have decided to implement the premium tier pricing model to maintain the availability of desirable domains for dealers in all industries.

This new pricing structure offers online dealerships the opportunity to secure highly sought-after domain names at tiered premium pricing levels. Now is the time to secure your brand names and register desired keywords and dealership locations:

.dealer domains pricing

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