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Datapipe to Start Operations in Iceland

Datapipe to Start Operations in Iceland

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 6, 2011 – Cloud computing and virtualization provider Datapipe announced yesterday that it is set to unveil its services in Iceland. This comes as a result of its partnership with Verne Global, an Iceland based company that specializes in datacenters using renewable energy.

Datapipe is a leading provider of managed services and infrastructure for IT and cloud computing. Upon the completion of the Verne Global datacenter facility in Iceland, Datapipe plans to offer carbon-neutral managed IT solutions, green cloud and disaster recovery.

Verne Global has an 18-hectare campus in Keflavic which is 100% carbon neutral. The campus draws commercial power from Iceland’s dual-source renewable energy (hydro-electric and geothermal) power grid while utilizing Iceland’s ambient temperature to provide free cooling. Datapipe plans to capitalize on this facility’s low latency and subsea connectivity to provide its clients with disaster recovery, business continuity and cloud computing solutions.

Rob Allen, CEO of Datapipe indicated in his remarks that Verne Global had engineered an environmentally sustainable datacenter that will enable them expand into a new market while continuing with environmental leadership. He also added that: “Power and cooling efficiencies combined with the strategic geographic location will provide our clients with an option for carbon neutral, enterprise ready IT services and a 100% green cloud.”

The partnership emphasizes Datapipe’s overall commitment to being a global leader in sustainable IT. In line with this sustainability strategy, all of its U.S datacenters are powered with renewable energy.

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In a statement, Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global said: “The industry continues to move toward environmentally sustainable solutions to power data centers. Datapipe’s leadership in this area is one to be applauded. He added that, “the source, availability and cost of power remain one of the primary concerns for data center operators around the globe. Verne Global addresses these concerns for our customers by bringing the benefit of dual-sourced, 100% renewable and affordable power to the European and North American data center markets.”

About Datapipe
Datapipe offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data centers.

About Verne Global
Verne Global is a wholesale data center developer based in Keflavik, Iceland, and Washington, D.C. Their mission is to develop data centers in optimized geographic areas that offer the best total cost of ownership (TCO) and 100% renewable power without a price premium.

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