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Datacenter Systems LLC Plunges Into Cloud Services Provision

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 14, 2011 – Datacenter Systems LLC, a technology innovator, has recently enabled public access to its new cloud service is a service fusing Virtual Dedicated Servers with the flexibility of cloud computing. Customers may deploy any operating system that support standard Intel chipsets. Users of the service are presented with ‘server resources’ that are configurable to run practically any operating system where the installation CD is available in bootable ISO format. All devices presented to the virtual machine are industry standard, creating a base platform to build any type of infrastructure. Users may connect multiple machines to form clusters, while advanced users are free to recompile the kernel of their operating system (i.e. Linux or Unix) and perform any other advanced configuration.

While the number of users making a move to the cloud increases exponentially, more custom engineered cloud services emerge to handle specific scenarios clients are searching for. “Flexibility, in terms of software deployment, is a key attribute of valuable cloud services… Some of the most flexible systems have yet to hit the market.” says, Dan Hickox; Operations Manager for Datacenter Systems in Seattle Washington.

Datacenter Systems, LLC is a privately owned technology company located in Western Washington since 2008. The company specializes in software development and systems integration.


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