Data center cooling market trends, growth opportunities and sales outlook in updated insights

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data center cooling

The global data center cooling market is expected to expand significantly through 2032 owing to the rising use of big data, cloud computing, and IoT in the Asia Pacific economies. In addition, the surging preference for online video & audio content is likely to drive market growth across the region.

The need for cooling systems for data centers is rising dramatically across the globe. Data center cooling solution providers are offering direct immersion cooling solutions, which entail putting network components directly into a bath of non-conductive, non-flammable dielectric fluid. Market players are also concentrating on cutting-edge liquid cooling technologies and solutions to effectively cool data centers and save operating expenses.

The data center cooling market has been divided in terms of component, cooling technique, data center size, application, and region.

Based on component, the service segment is slated to grow considerably by the end of 2032 due to the increasing need for professional and managed services as a result of the growing complexity of hardware solutions.

Data Center Cooling Market

With respect to data center size, the small data center segment was valued at over $2.5 billion in 2022. The segment is anticipated to foster sizable growth over the review timeline credited to the rising integration of edge computing networks. Besides, growing deployment of digital infrastructure in rural areas would further boost small data center demand.

In terms of application, the colocation segment is set to amass $7 billion by 2032. To increase productivity, colocation companies are concentrating on implementing energy-efficient cooling systems. SMEs have modest needs for data storage, hence colocation in data centers is a common option for small companies.

Meanwhile, the healthcare segment is poised to expand positively by the end of the research year. Organizations in the healthcare industry are outsourcing their data center operations to improve the user experience, increase productivity, and provide enhanced security, thus propelling segmental growth. Data centers provide services including data migration, backup and storage, and disaster recovery.

From the regional outlook, the Middle East & Africa data center cooling market is estimated to proliferate at 10% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. The regional growth is likely to expand owing to the soaring penetration of internet-related technologies across various countries. Moreover, rise in data traffic required to regulate and management through data centers for real time user experience would add to the regional market growth.


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