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DailyHostNews awards Eleven2 Web Hosting the January 2013 Editor’s Choice Award

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Web hosting news and review site, DailyHostNews announces Eleven2 web hosting as winner of   it’s January 2013 Editor’s Choice Award.  Eleven2 is  the winner in the business hosting category.  Editors at DailyHostNews reviewed Eleven2’s web hosting packages and gave an “A+” grade for the sales process, customer support, package features and usability.

After testing the various  methods for customer support offered by Eleven2, the editors preferred the phone method; however they found that all  contact points were met with great response and resolution times. They also found Eleven2’s sales associates to be helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

To determine which package meets the needs of a particular customer, the web hosting solutions are featured on Eleven2’s website in a way that makes it easy to compare what’s included and how they can be effectively implemented into a business. In particular, the editors like the ability to review the features included within each web hosting package and found each provided customers everything needed to create a successful online presence.
Also, to the convenience of customers Eleven2 offers Free website transfer, by which one doesn’t need to handle the hassle of transferring all his files while switching the host.

What particularly stands out is the reliability and trustworthiness of Eleven2. They offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. So basically if a customer doesn’t find their service  up to his standards or incompatible, he can request a Full refund even after 60 days! Although, going by their testimonials and client reviews, the editors didn’t think one would really get a chance to use this guarantee, since there seems to be a unanimous praise for Eleven2’s  service not only on their website but also on  on  discussion forums outside their control.

The editors also found the Eleven2’s website easy to navigate and the “about us” section very informative, with details about company’s genesis, server locations and customer service.

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