World’s first cybersecurity marketplace powered by hackers, developed for commercial use

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Zerocopter, the leading provider of pioneering cybersecurity solutions powered by hackers, has today launched a new marketplace enabling companies to expose vulnerabilities and detect threats more efficiently and affordably. The marketplace, supported by Zerocopter’s hundreds-strong hacker network, is tailored to any business of any size and offers a completely new way of accessing security packages, seamlessly delivered through its SaaS marketplace without the need for lengthy contracting. Whatever service is required and whenever it is needed, a company simply picks it off the shelf and implements at their leisure. This approach reinvents security provision, fashioning a readily available, affordable, tailor-made offering to companies of all types.

As technology evolves at unassailable speeds, so do the capabilities to undermine its security and sabotage it. Cybercrime is set to cost the global economy $8 trillion in 2023. Despite this, many businesses, and especially SMEs which have smaller budgets and less awareness of potential threats, lack the ability to effectively combat security risks. The cybersecurity skills gap further exacerbates the risk businesses face, as it contributes to 80% of breaches.

Zerocopter’s game-changing solution seeks to address this gap by harnessing the power of hackers themselves. Its marketplace of security products is backed by the combined intelligence of hackers who are laser-sharp in the area of vulnerability detection, adding a whole new dimension in the field of threat prevention, and ensuring security-conscious companies remain one step ahead.

“To fully appreciate the extent of the digital attack surface and level of potential threats, companies need to go beyond the tick-box cybersecurity approach,” says Erik Ploegmakers, CEO of Zerocopter. “Zerocopter’s custom-made marketplace is driven by hackers who can find flaws and security breaches that no generic tool would be able to. Whatever the customer requirements are, we carefully match them with one of our world-class, vetted hackers with the appropriate skill set for that particular case. Zerocopter’s marketplace is unparalleled in its ability to offer safety at scale, by tapping into the collective brainpower of the world’s best hackers – a chance for every company to access top-of-the-line threat protection at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.” 

Every Zerocopter hacker undergoes a rigorous vetting process ensuring not only that they comply with a strict code of conduct, but that they are the very best at what they do. As part of its capabilities, Zerocopter assesses and validates all vulnerability reports to enable organizations to focus on what truly matters – fixing security issues quickly. Bug Bounty is also delivered by Zerocopter, an approach which incentivizes hackers based on the threat level found – this allows for continuous surveillance regardless of how fast software is released. As part of the suite of solutions, Zerocopter offers Dedicated Hacker Time, a microconsulting solution with a global hacker force, where companies are matched with the hackers who have the skillsets and knowledge the specific task and scope requires. Hackers are hired by the hour, meaning customers only pay what they need them for, making resolutions much more cost-effective.

In addition to a range of innovative security measures, Zerocopter’s helps companies ensure they are compliant with territory-specific cybersecurity legislation, such as the vulnerability component of the EU’s landmark Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive, which came into effect in 2023 and is due to be transposed by member states into national law in 2024. The directive establishes a framework for coordinated vulnerability disclosure (CVD) and requires all member states to facilitate the implementation of CVD for all the relevant ICT products and services. Zerocopter has been privy to these requirements since before NIS2 was unveiled and is one of the first security companies to have implemented CVD as part of its offering, having been present at its inception. As a result, Zerocopter is perfectly positioned to oversee and condense the typical flood of reports associated with CVD, ensuring companies can implement this part in an easy, affordable and managed way.

Some of Zerocopter’s current customers include WeTransfer, Air France-KLM, Malengo, Stedin and NautaDutilh.

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