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Crimes and criminals are on loose!! Dial Artificial Intelligence

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Crimes and criminals have always been unpredictable. According to a survey carried out in India, crime rates are increasing at a rate of 45% every day.

These crimes are not just inclusive of rapes, women trafficking or murder but also heinous crimes that are reflective of the crimes that were once carried out by famous criminals such as Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper. Cut to the chase, the world is still not a very safe place to reside. However, they say that where there is a will, there is a way. 

AI-driven Chatbots are Better Interrogators than Humans 

Artificial intelligence made its intervention in the realm of crime where it is used both for destruction and solution. AI and all the associated branches, namely, big data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing are making the assessment of crime and risk of crime technologically sophisticated.

Argumentatively, the intervention of AI has transformed the face of criminal justice to the extent that experts today are looking upon AI as the only panacea for unbiased criminal justice. 

Interviewing criminals is one of the important parts of criminal justice. However, it is always likely for a human interviewer to be biased and manipulate information. AI has proven its ability to avert this problem. When AI-driven chatbots were employed to interrogate criminals, the reciprocations that came from them were captured candidly. 

AI Chatbots are Potent Crime Controllers 

The master plan is to control crimes with a multi-layered dynamic approach. One such approach is COMPstat that stands for computer statistics or comparative statistics.  Compustat has been employed as an effective alternative to crime reduction, quality of life improvement personnel, and resource management.

The idea is to find resolutions to crime by understanding the philosophy of crime.  AI-driven chatbots are significant branches of constant through which police officers can arrange conferences to assess predictable crimes. It can also be used to study the patterns and behavior of criminals. 

With automation in the picture, data management has also become a cakewalk. Cops and security forces can now rely on big data analytics and automation to understand and keep track of criminal behaviors. 

This smoothly drives us towards the conclusion that AI makes everything possible. Taking this intervention seriously, cops are now penetrating into the preparatory phase of crimes that are yet to be committed and the already committed ones. The AI intervention to make sense of “creative murders” has been one of the significant improvements in the realm of crime.