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cPanel Options Expand with goMobi Addition

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 14, 2011 – cPanel’s platform recently expanded with the addition of the goMobi website builder, goMobi creator dotMobi revealed on Monday.

goMobi is a mobile website application that includes features such as analytics, social media, custom content, device detection, and more.

With the move, web hosting providers using cPanel can offer goMobi.

Discussing the matter in a press release, cPanel VP of Operations Aaron Phillips stated, “We are pleased to have goMobi in the suite of tools cPanel users can offer their clients. Web hosting companies are seeing a daily increase in the demand for a solid, but simple, mobile Web solution. And that is exactly what dotMobi offers with its goMobi service.”

“It’s a cost-effective way for any business to create and manage a mobile website while giving hosting companies a profitable way to help those customers,” Phillips continued.

Meanwhile, the version of goMobi available through cPanel is updated, having things such as “video content embedding,” custom form creation, and more templates.

dotMobi COO Eileen O’Sullivan discussed how important the mobile web is becoming to businesses, saying, ”Only businesses that are able to provide a great mobile experience will be successful in this new market. We are delighted to be partnering with cPanel as we roll out goMobi to the hosting industry.”

In recent years, more and more people have accessed the internet through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. In September, a report by the International Data Corporation anticipated that by 2015, mobile internet use would account for more online users than those accessing the web via wired devices.

The creator of dotMobi says the application has compibility with “7,500 web-enabled phones.”

About cPanel
Since 1997, cPanel has been a leading innovator and developer of control panel software for the Web hosting industry. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, cPanel builds software that allows Web host professional to transform standalone servers into fully automated point-and-click Web hosting platforms. cPanel licensed software allows owners of servers and websites, along with resellers and developers, to optimize their technical resources and replace tedious shell-oriented tasks with dynamic, intuitive Web-based interfaces.

About dotMobi
Headquartered in Dublin, dotMobi — a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias Limited — is a worldwide leader in enabling the development & discovery of quality mobile content through innovative services, in turn helping businesses and individuals reach the world’s billions of mobile Internet users. dotMobi spurs mobile industry innovation by giving content providers the tools they need to ensure the Web will work on mobile devices with speed, accuracy and relevant content.

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