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cPanel & WHM Version 11.38 Now in CURRENT Tier; Offers Backup Improvements and SSL Management

cPanel & WHM Version 11.38 Now in CURRENT Tier; Offers Backup Improvements and SSL Management

A month after the release of cPanel & WHM 11.36 to the STABLE tier, cPanel Inc. today announced the release of cPanel & WHM software version 11.38.

Releasing to the CURRENT tier as of now, cPanel & WHM 11.38 comes with major Backup System Improvements and enhanced SSL Management, Jail shell, Mail system auto configuration, transfer speeds and more. Here is a detailed overview of all the latest features available in 11.38:

Features and Enhancements- cPanel & WHM software version 11.38

Features and Enhancements- cPanel & WHM software version 11.38

Backup System Improvements:

  1. Legacy Backup: Updated interface for the Backup Configuration screen in WHM’s Backup section.
  2. Backup User Selection: An option to backup each account with either Legacy Backup Configuration, or the new Backup Configuration, or both.
  3. Timing Settings: Ability to choose when to run a backup.
  4. Files and Databases: Ability to choose to backup access logs, bandwidth data, system files, and databases.
  5. Configure Backup Directory: System Administrator can now choose the path for backups.
  6. Additional Destinations: Ability to save backups to multiple destinations like FTP, Additional Local Directory, SFTP, or WebDAV.

Backup Restoration:

  1. Restore by Account: System administrator can choose individual accounts to restore.
  2. Restore by Date: System administrator can choose a date to restore.
  3. Restoration Queue: System administrator can see which accounts are queued to be restored and make changes in the queue too.
The internet is brimming with online stores, merchant gateways, and more e-commerce solutions than you can shake a stick at. With such a quickly growing market, the ability to securely communicate across a network became a necessity. cPanel & WHM 11.38 has a number of new SSL improvements in the form of usability changes, SNI support, and support for multi-domain certificates.
– Mr. Nathan Lierbo, Technical Product Specialist, cPanel.

Improved SSL Management System:

  1. SNI Support: Users can now host multiple SSL Certificates for different domains on a single IP address.
  2. Wildcard certificate support: This gives users an ability to use a single certificate for multiple subdomains.
  3. UCC/SAN certificate support: UCC certificates now allow simplified certificate sharing across multiple domains.
  4. UTF8 safe Certificate data: Provides native language support in certificates and their assets.
  5. Improved Interface: Simplified installation and management process for SSL certificates, keys and signing requests.

Updates to Jailed Shells:

  1. All filesystems are now mounted with the nosuid option by default which blocks the operation of setuid and setgid commands.
  2. System administrators can now also enable or disable new options for their jailed shells, the options being:
    a) Jailed /proc mount method.
    b) Jailed /bin mounted suid.
    c) Jailed /usr/bin mounted suid.

System Improvements:

  1. Faster IP Migration Wizard for systems with a large number of users or domains.
  2. POP3 can now be configured as the default mail delivery protocol.
  3. An alternate host can also be configured for use with Autodiscovery.
  4. MySQL 5.5 is installed during a fresh install of cPanel & WHM.
  5. Addon domains, subdomains, and newly created accounts can use a single template system for customizing the Apache configuration.
  6. Improved email tracking ability.

Removed Items: Optional Security Tokens, Legacy Apache Template System and Interchange have been removed from from cPanel & WHM 11.38.

Third-party applications: included in cPanel & WHM 11.38 are as follows:

Provided Third-party Applications in cPanel & WHM 11.38

Provided Third-party Applications in cPanel & WHM 11.38

The new version is currently available for a demo. For more information on cPanel & WHM 11.38 features, click here.

To read our interview with Mr. Mario Rodriguez, Strategic Partner Manager, cPanel, click here.

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