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Comodo rolls out Platinum version of Dome Shield for DNS-based security and visibility

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Comodo Dome Shield Platinum

Comodo Cybersecurity is releasing the platinum version of its Comodo Dome Shield solution to enable enterprises and service providers block access to malicious websites.

Comodo Dome Shield Platinum is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which will be delivered via cloud. The solution is targeted at enterprises, MSPs and channel partners, so that they can protect the digital presence of their users by creating location and agent-based security rules.

These security rules can block malware, phishing, botnet, fraud sites and enforce company policies using 86 categories of URL, that covers over 15 million domains.

According to Comodo, 64% of employees visit non-work related websites every day at work. 78% of them claim to know the risks associated with clicking unknown links and yet still click those links.

In its Global Threat Report for Q2 2018, Comodo said that it detected more than 400 million unique malwares in the top-level domains.

“Comodo created the Dome Shield solution by listening to real-world user needs, as well as requirements from MSPs and channel partners,” noted Bulut Akisik, Comodo Dome Shield product manager.

“These organizations consume their IT budgets attempting to regulate employee web browsing and stopping web-borne attacks, in complex multi-office network environments, for roaming users and BYOD, and for the gamut of connected devices.  For these and myriad other configurations, Comodo Dome Shield Platinum offers visibility, control and protection with rapid deployment and the lowest TCO.”

Dome Shield checks the content and reputation of the websites visited by users on the basis of IT policy of the company.

The platinum version will allow enterprises to create policies based on internet IP addresses, subnet, IP address block, and site-based web filtering. It provides support for advanced threat policies, and IP-based visibility and monitoring.

Additionally, Comodo Dome Shield Premium can bypass the internal domain resolution and corporate DNS servers, with the option to encrypt all DNS traffic.

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Enterprises can use this solution and implement all policies effectively for both in the office and remote use cases.

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