Communications Service Providers to Benefit from F5’s New DNS Services

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 11, 2011 – F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, yesterday announced that its intelligent, carrier-grade Domain Name System (DNS) services will enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to scale their DNS infrastructures more efficiently while significantly reducing costs, and at the same time enable the deployment of new revenue-generating services. This evidently shows F5’s commitment to the fulfillment of its vision of Service Delivery Networking (SDN) and provision of a unified platform for CSPs to deliver voice, data, and video services on a single IP-based network.

As the type of mobile devices increases and subscribers demand more sophisticated multimedia services, CSPs are faced with several challenges since mobile traffic continues to grow at alarming rates. Between 2011 and 2015, it is expected that mobile data traffic will grow 26-fold worldwide. Hence, existing CSP networks are already feeling the strain, and the volume of traffic is set to increase as voice services move to all IP-based networks.

“It often comes as a surprise when CSPs realize their existing DNS infrastructures can’t sustain current traffic demand, let alone handle the increases from voice over IP and other new service offerings,” said Erik Giesa, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing at F5. “What’s more, they’re finding the traditional approach of adding more DNS servers no longer solves the problem–it’s prohibitively expensive, won’t scale linearly, and can’t deliver the capacity needed to handle millions of DNS requests per second. Today, the average high-performance DNS server only handles about 120,000 requests per second. With F5’s new DNS services, CSPs can efficiently manage this deluge of IP traffic.” he added.

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With F5’s carrier-grade DNS services, CSPs can build out flexible, reliable, and secure IP networks that meet immediate and future traffic demands, reduce complexity and costs, and help them continue to deliver quality of experience for subscribers. This comes in handy with a lot of benefits including; high-performance DNS services, unparalleled scalability, high availability of applications and services, reduced complexity and cost among others.

About F5 Networks
F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) which helps the world’s largest enterprises and service providers realize the full value of virtualization, cloud computing, and on-demand IT.

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