Codero Launches Smart Servers Hosting

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[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 20,212 Codero, web hosting provider, made an announcement on Thursday launching its Smart Servers hosting solutions that integrates the features of dedicated servers and cloud computing technologies.

As per Codero’s press release, Smart Servers will continue to give customers complete control over their dedicated server environment, including CPU cycles, memory, and storage capacity. However with Smart Servers, dedicated server resources can be deployed automatically in minutes, with a single click, as opposed to hours or days. Access to on-demand, dedicated server resources gives customers ultimate flexibility while automated, rapid deployment eliminates cumbersome migration efforts that can slow down business growth in a traditional dedicated hosting environment.

The allocation of dedicated resources on a single click with zero data migration delays will be quite useful during a website launch, a new product release, or a seasonal spike in website traffic. Smart Servers make this possible with entrenched virtualization capabilities. As a Smart Server is basically a dedicated server enabled with virtualization it also maintains data integrity. In addition, it can seamlessly handle high input/output applications such as I/O intensive databases without any effect on speed or performance.

“Customers now have the best of both worlds.  Codero’s Smart Servers are packed with cloud hosting features such as the flexibility to scale during usage peaks combined with the security and control of a dedicated server environment” said Emil Sayegh, Codero’s CEO. “The innovation behind the Smart Server platform is redefining what dedicated hosting means for customers and how they use it.  This is an integral component of our ever-evolving, on-demand, hybrid hosting platform strategy.”

Codero Smart Servers will be available at all Codero data centers including: Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; and Ashburn, Virginia.

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