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Codero Hosting Launches On-Demand NAS and SAN Storage Services at Affordable Prices

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Dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services provider Codero Hosting today announced launch of its on-demand Network Attached Storage (NAS) and IP-based Storage Area Network (SAN) services to serve Windows and Linux customers in need of scale-out storage. The news follows Codero’s partnership with Dell to Provide Enterprise-Grade Hosting around a month back.

Designed to provide customers with scalable and high performance storage options, the new NAS and SAN services start at 4¢/gigabyte.

Codero Hosting On-Demand Storage Services- NAS-SAN

Any organization that needs a server needs a storage and backup solution; it’s precarious to have one without the others. Our new offerings unequivocally meet customer demands with affordable price points that disrupt the industry – comparable competitive offerings are 10 times more expensive than our new offerings.
– Mr.Chandler Vaughn, SVP of Development, Codero Hosting

Some features of the new on-demand storage solutions are:

  • Optimized for storage – The dedicated solutions are optimized specifically for storage needs.
  • Fully managed – All “no touch” storage management is handled by Codero.
  • Easy set-up – Heterogeneous file access by mapping a drive on Windows or mounting a directory over NFS on Linux.
  • Easy to use – File sharing with multiple servers.
  • Local appearance – There is no complicated network sharing or application configuration required because block storage appears as local drives. This allows applications such as databases to take advantage of larger, faster storage.

NAS is a file-level computer data storage that provides data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. It is ideal for file archiving and long-term file retention, backups, file sharing among multiple servers, web server content shares, media repositories, shared storage and file based workflows.

SAN is a dedicated network device primarily used to make storage devices accessible to servers. Codero’s SAN services are built for block storage so that there are volumes to partition and mount.

According to Codero, the new solutions are ideal for companies that do not require host bus adapters and are comfortable with network-bound performance.

For more information, click here.

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