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CloudBees allies with Google Cloud to accelerate app development in modern hybrid environment

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At the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 conference, CloudBees and Google Cloud announced that the two are expanding their partnership to automate application development process – from source to production by developing an advanced DevOps platform based on open source technologies on the Google Cloud’s Anthos.

CloudBees offers Jenkins based Continuous Delivery (CD) solutions to automate the routine development tasks for large and small organizations. The company deploys and integrates Jenkins with the DevOps tools that are secure, support open toolchain and are scalable.

The alliance will accelerate the adoption of transformational DevOps processes in organizations as the Google Cloud engages customers in modernizing their application development and deployment processes.

The alliance between the leading DevOps and cloud computing companies will further serve to strengthen their commitment towards using open source in the application development process and their commitment to make public cloud a long-term success.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud brings amazing new capabilities to application developers that want to accelerate application development in a modern hybrid environment,” said François Déchery, chief strategy officer and co-founder, CloudBees.

“Meanwhile, enterprises will be able to modernize applications on-premise or in the cloud with Anthos using existing skills and a consistent platform to get products to market faster and maximize resource utilization,” he added.

The partnership brings the best to developers and DevOps professionals. They will be able to build and run applications consistently that best suits their business, as well as deploy them on-prem, public or hybrid cloud.

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