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Cloudability’s new AWS Cost Analytics tool Helps Companies Manage large AWS Data

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Cloudability today launched an analytics tool named AWS Cost Analytics. The said tool is for AWS customers who find the standard Excel spreadsheet method of analysis inefficient for managing heavy amount of cloud billing data. The move comes in light of Amazon Web Services adding hourly billing reports reports of data which is extremely difficult to manage using unwieldy spreadsheets.

An official press release by the company states that AWS Cost Analytics lets users build around 17 million different combinations of reports as per their need, in contrast to the “pre-canned” reports generated by other such tools.

Cloudability AWS Cost Analytics Cloud Cost Management Tool

Cloudability AWS Cost Analytics Cloud Cost Management Tool

With this tool, you will no longer have to pump giant files tens of megabytes in size; it pares them down so you don’t have to pump them into Excel.
– Mat Ellis, CEO, Cloudability.Mat Ellis, CEO, Cloudability

AWS Cost Analytics’ AWS Tag Mapping feature can be used to create custom billing reports for finance and management using fields or metrics from the AWS Detailed Billing Reports.

Companies who earlier had to create multiple accounts to segment their spending on AWS can use this tool to see spending by specific areas such as division, project or department, thus getting insights that are unique to their business.

“There are two kinds of AWS cloud customers today,” said Mat Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Cloudability. “Those that are diverting an incredible amount of employees’ time every month to sift through enormous spreadsheets to track and plan their AWS spending. And, worse, those that have given up and aren’t doing anything. Both camps have grown as the data exposed to them has multiplied. And neither is a good camp to be in a market where having insight is more important than just having the data.”

Customers who could earlier only see typical spend using the aggregate model can now use the point-and-click interface of Cloudability’s new to see day-by-day spending trends along with pinpoint historical trends.

AWS Cost Analytics tool also allows a side-by-side comparison with on-demand spending by differentiate reserved instances.

The service has been tested privately with large enterprise customers over the past two months and now available for a free 30-day trial. To learn more, click here.

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