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Cloud Host Intermedia Adds Key Employees

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January13, 2012 – Business cloud provider Intermedia has two new high-profile employees. For the position of chief financial officer, the company has hired former Citrix Online Services VP for finance and operations Scott Allen.

Intermedia’s cloud solutions cover areas such as web hosting, SharePoint, Exchange, Encrypted Email and more.

During his tenure at Citrix Online Services, Allen assisted the company with significantly increasing its revenue, according to a press release from Intermedia on the matter.

Meanwhile, the other position concerns the company’s human resources, a department that will now be overseen by former NetSuite employee Elizabeth Mye.

Discussing the matter, Intermedia CEO Phil Koen stated, “It is a great opportunity for Intermedia to welcome two new members to the management team who bring such strong industry and functional expertise.”

“Both Scott Allen and Elizabeth Mye will be pivotal in driving Intermedia’s growth and innovation across the cloud services industry,” Koen continued.

The company’s new employees have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Scott Allen has worked as an executive in finance for twenty five years while Elizabeth Nye has worked in HR for twenty.

Just last month the company announced that it had more than 400 thousand Microsoft Exchange mailboxes under its management.

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