Cloud data hosting options for small businesses: from start-up to scale

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Cloud computing is one of the crucial technologies for companies looking to grow in 2021 and beyond. How a company leverages different elements of cloud infrastructure such as networking, collaboration, data storage, and the server is a big factor in the ability to scale. Cloud data hosting options cater to a wide spectrum of companies — from startups to scalable SMBs.

Early hosting options

For startups that are just trying to get a foot in the door, utilizing cloud hosting options accurately will free up time and resources to invest in other avenues. Here are some of the most popular cloud options in the start-up world.


Dropbox has been a leading cloud storage solution for over a decade. What started as a data storage and file sharing platform has since then evolved into a powerful, collaborative workflow thanks to Dropbox Business.

As an all-in-one content collaboration tool, Dropbox Business offers a plethora of new features. You can control document behavior and permissions at the granular level, smart sync cross-platform folders, and remote wipe files and operations securely. Dropbox lets users create and edit Google and Microsoft files and features popular integrations such as Slack, Trello, and Zoom.


Box is one of the most compelling alternatives to Dropbox. The core is what Box calls the Content Cloud. You can create, edit, collaborate, and sync files, leverage the dedicated e-signature service called Box Sign and automate workflows with Box Relay.

A big part of Box’s credibility relies on its security. The end-to-end protection in Box Shield manages document security and prevents data leaks. Apart from offering a secure, seamless cloud hosting service, Box offers 1000+ integrations and comes tailored to meet the demands of various teams of a company such as finance, marketing, sales, and HR.


DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform suitable for startups to host their website, develop apps, and rollout automated services. DigitalOcean has been created to simplify backend services for startups that can’t afford dedicated admin channels.

By using configurable droplets, DigitalOcean offers ready-to-deploy SSD-based virtual machines (VM), custom image deployment, and managed services. As a cloud hosting solution geared towards startups, DigitalOcean offers competitive and customizable pricing.

Scaling option 

Cloud hosting options stated above provide an ideal framework for startups to hit the ground running. But when companies look to scale further, they require bigger platforms, better services, and future-ready tools.

Microsoft SharePoint 

Microsoft SharePoint is the collaborative system for the internal grid of a company. As a content management tool, it simplifies content creation, streamlines flow and consumption of data, enhances cross-platform communication and teamwork.

SharePoint features Apps that bring additional functions to improve specific internal business operations. By combining on-premise SharePoint servers with SharePoint Online in Office 365, users can access hybrid storage that offers cloud functionalities in the local environment.

SharePoint smoothly brings different modules of a company together and it’s massively scalable. The Office 365 ecosystem helps get the best of SharePoint and startups looking to grow should leverage the limitless possibilities of SharePoint.

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