Cisco introduces Cisco Partner Incentive to drive profitable growth of partners

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Cisco Partner Incentive

At its Partner Summit 2023, Cisco revealed a series of transformative updates and tools for its widespread partner community, signaling a strategic shift towards rewarding partners for their contributions to the evolving tech landscape. The company’s latest initiatives aim to empower partners in embracing as-a-service and software-based sales, while simultaneously enhancing their capabilities and offerings.

Leading the charge is the introduction of the revolutionary Cisco Partner Incentive, which brings together the essence of several esteemed partner incentives into a single, simplified program. Set to debut in the latter half of 2024, this new incentive framework marks a significant milestone, promising rewards for achieving new logos, up-selling, and cross-selling.

With a focus on fostering predictable and profitable growth, the Cisco Partner Incentive aligns seamlessly with Cisco’s overarching transition to software and service-oriented solutions. The three distinct tracks catering to non-recurring deals, recurring offers, and customer value, underscore the program’s multifaceted approach to incentivizing partner success.

The Cisco Partner Incentive is the biggest change we’ve made to partner incentives in more than a decade and is the capstone on the Cisco Partner Program evolution started in 2020,” emphasized Marc Surplus, vice president of partner strategy and programs at Cisco.

In tandem with this pivotal incentive restructuring, Cisco is introducing up to six new Solution Specializations within the upcoming months, thereby fortifying partners’ expertise and competitiveness in the market. Augmenting these developments is the enhanced Partner Experience Platform (PXP), now equipped with AI/ML-powered predictive insights and a comprehensive dashboard to streamline fund activities and investments, obviating the need for external tools.

A noteworthy addition to the PXP arsenal is the exclusive Sustainability Estimator, tailored for Environmental Sustainability Specialized partners. With a scheduled launch date of November 20, 2023, the Sustainability Estimator empowers partners to quantify potential energy savings, emissions reductions, cost efficiencies, and environmental impacts for clients undergoing IT modernization. Furthermore, Cisco has introduced a dedicated Sustainability Partner Journey, brimming with resources and collateral to facilitate the cultivation of sustainable practices among partners.

Recognizing the burgeoning significance of managed services, Cisco has rolled out Partner Advanced Support for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), offering guided access to API integrations and expedited technical assistance, bolstering the resolution of issues and scaling outcomes-based service models. Moreover, the integration of Cisco Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) into Cisco PX Cloud aims to streamline customer lifecycle data access, enabling partners to expedite customer success and augment co-branded digital engagement.

Envisioning an expansive scope for growth and diversification, Cisco is poised to launch two new Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Specializations in the first half of 2024, accentuating a renewed focus on industrial IoT segments and heightened recognition for partners operating in non-industrial IoT domains.

Additionally, Cisco’s innovative tools and features, including Growth Finder, Expanded Practice Maturity lifecycle customer insights, Incentive Insights, and Cisco Partner Journeys, are purposefully designed to equip partners with the requisite resources to navigate the complexities of the contemporary tech landscape, thereby accelerating their pursuit of key business milestones.

Amidst these groundbreaking announcements and transformative tools, Cisco reaffirms its commitment to fortifying the role of partners within the ecosystem, fostering a collaborative environment that champions innovation, sustainability, and holistic business growth. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, Cisco remains steadfast in its mission to facilitate partners in unlocking their full potential and driving sustainable value for customers worldwide.

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