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Cisco expands its multicloud security portfolio   

Cisco expands its multicloud security portfolio   

Cisco recently announced expansion of its product portfolio to include a new broad set of multicloud security solutions. These solutions will enable the customers to see and control SaaS apps, secure cloud email, detect threats in public cloud, and stay safe while connecting to the cloud.

Most of the organizations today go for multicloud world for business growth, efficient operations, and scalability. But, securing multicloud environments including SaaS applications, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, is a little complex.

The new security portfolio that Cisco recently built will ensure that the organizations are at the forefront of business transformation.

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud

It protects the cloud assets and private network, improve security and incident response across the distributed network. The Stealthwatch cloud can detect the threats in real time and reduce the false positives.

Organizations get the actionable security intelligence and more efficient security team, and it’s also cost-effective.

It determines the role of entity using modeling and alerts the user if any sign of malicious activity is found.

Cisco Cloudlock

Cisco Cloudlock, the cloud-native cloud access security broker (CASB), protects the cloud users, data, apps, and let the users safely move to the cloud. It’s an open, simple, and automated approach that uses APIs to manage the risks in clouds.

For enhanced SaaS applications security, Cisco has integrated the cloud email security and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) in it.

Cisco Cloud Security Assessment Service

The Cloud Security Assessment Service includes strategy recommendations, cloud security architectural planning, cloud data protection and user behavioral analysis for improved security postures.

It increases the awareness of security posture and addresses the risk management, audit, and compliance issues. The organizations get enhanced governance and controlled multicloud deployments with it.

Cisco Umbrella

It offers the first line of security against threats on the internet. Since it is delivered from the cloud, it becomes easy to protect all the users across the organization even when they are off the network or VPN. Cisco Umbrella processes over 120 billion DNS requests every day with more than 85 million active users.

While the Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, Umbrella, and Cloud Security Assessment Service are available for free trial for some days, the Cisco Cloudlock is currently in beta and will be available in early 2018.

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Cisco had recently acquired BroadSoft to step into software and service sales from the traditional hardware business.

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