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Chrome For iOS Dazzles Users With Interesting Features

                          Chrome for iOS lets you share pages on most liked social sites like Facebook and Twitter .

With the release of first updation from Google on Google Chrome for iOS, sharing  web pages to G+, Facebook & Twitter becomes more easier. Many excellent features are incorporated with Chrome for iOS to provide a better web experience to the users.

The main features that will be delivered by Chrome for iOS with the latest updation are :

  • Ability to share pages directly from Chrome to favorite social networks ,including Facebook and Twitter.
  • It also offers a number of other bug fixes, and stability and security improvements.

Other features that were already delivered with Chrome for iOS were :

  • Feature of Synched tabs that is already integrated with desktop version.
  • Ability to open up the  web pages that users were surfing  on their iPhone , they can open the same web page on the desktop computer and vice versa.
  • Users will have the ability to share saved passwords, bookmarks, search history between devices.
  • Users can switch to “Incognito” mode which enables them with the power of not saving searched history and cookies as well.

This new updated version of Google for iOS is now available on the App Store.

Have you used  this new sharing feature of Chrome on iOS ??!!! Tell us in comments !!!

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