CertiVox Offers Free Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform

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World’s first HTML5 browser-based, certificateless encryption platform is innovation in Internet security; users can now encrypt and exchange information through the cloud with no certificates, passwords or complex workflows.

DAILYHOSTNEWS – March 21, 2012 – CertiVox, an information security company, today launched a free, public beta for its PrivateSky Secure Information Exchange (S.I.X.)™ platform live from World Hosting Days (WHD.Global) in Europa Park Rust, Germany – one of the most important European gatherings of the international hosting industry.

The highly anticipated PrivateSky S.I.X.™ service is an innovative breakthrough in information security which provides fast and easy-to-use protection for messages, files and other information sent via the cloud through a unique HTML5 browser-based two-factor authentication process and a sophisticated, certificateless encryption platform. Users can sign up for the PrivateSky S.I.X.™ portal beta

The PrivateSky S.I.X.™ platform uses breakthrough patent(s)-pending Incognito Keys™ and certificateless encryption technology to provide an integrated, “built-in” key management functionality that encrypts a user’s data on any platform or any device, before it is moved to the cloud for storage and use. This first-in-the-industry process is easily activated by one click from within Outlook, a web browser or soon via any browser-based application on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Both encryption and decryption are securely completed within the user’s device with absolutely no disruption to a person’s workflow, setting it apart from other Internet security products.

“PrivateSky is a much anticipated leap forward in information security that empowers individuals, businesses and their partners and customers with easy-to-use tools to take control of their own data and protect their online exchanges and transactions from being compromised,” says CertiVox CEO Brian Spector. “By getting rid of both user burden and the need to manage complex infrastructure, we’ve taken the hassle out of Internet security, making it easy and economical for anyone to secure information exchanges for the web 2.0 internet of things. We’re thrilled to bring this breakthrough to users around the world with this beta release.”

Despite the complexity and strength of the elliptic curve cryptography technology behind it, PrivateSky was engineered for simplicity. Leveraging the power of HTML5, the authentication and encryption processes are completely browser-based with no software or browser plug-ins required. Users can now encrypt and exchange information through the cloud without the burden of certificates, passwords or complex workflows – a departure from other encryption products.

“Because so much of our personal information and financial transactions are processed across the Internet in today’s world, data encryption is the critical step to ensure unauthorized persons don’t have access to that data,” Spector adds. “People have been imagining for years what it would be like to have Internet security so powerfully simple, and now we’re delivering it. We’re looking forward to partnering with our beta users to prepare us for the official launch of PrivateSky next quarter.”

The PrivateSky S.I.X.™ platform:

  • Uses breakthrough Incognito Keys™ and certificateless encryption technology to provide the only totally secure information exchange between all users on the market today, eliminating the compliance concerns that surround cloud computing.
  • Departs from other products because the user encrypts his or her information right from the start at the source and retains complete control over his or her encryption keys at all times.
  • Separates the encryption keys from the data while in transit which ensures that only the intended recipients can access encrypted information. Not even CertiVox has access to the encrypted data or the encryption keys – a technical breakthrough in online security and an industry first.
  • Offers significant and far-reaching solutions for industries and governments that adhere to strict regulatory and privacy requirements, such as HIPAA.
  • Ensures on-the-go security protection in the cloud, making encryption affordable, usable, portable and powerfully simple.

CertiVox CEO Brian Spector will be available March 20-23 for interviews and comment at the World Hosting Days conference in Europa Park Rust, Germany.

About CertiVox

CertiVox develops and markets a certificateless encryption as a service platform that provides for management and provisioning of identities, encryption keys and cryptographic protocols that enable governments, enterprises and individuals to secure their information exchanges simply and easily.  CertiVox has headquarters in San Francisco and London. For more information, visit

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