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CenturyLink unveils new network security solution for remote internet users 

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CenturyLink's Adaptive Network Security Mobility reduces cyber risks for today’s global workforce. (PRNewsfoto/CenturyLink, Inc.)

CenturyLink, the second largest U.S. based communications provider, announced a new network security solution which will enable businesses to protect their critical information in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape by enabling remote workforce to securely connect to private network resources and internet using any personal device and unsecured WiFi.

The new solution, called Adaptive Network Security Mobility (ANSM), is a cloud-based security service, targeted at enterprises. It combines the firewalling capabilities like intrusion defense systems, anti-malware sandboxing, URL and web content filtering etc. to secure the connections.

“Businesses today are embracing a global and mobile employee base. Thanks to the need for a constant connection on the devices of our choice, the concept of a ‘security perimeter’ can be difficult to define,” said Chris Richter, vice president of Global Security Services for CenturyLink. “Compounding matters is the unfortunate fact that public WiFi remains highly susceptible to hacking, and mobile devices are prime targets, which is why enterprises need secure mobility solutions that do not hinder performance and flexibility. Our customers need to be confident their employees’ connections are secure regardless of connection type or device.”

ANSM provides secure VPN access to the remote users in corporate networks through IPsec or SSL-based internet connections and a web browser, with complete encryption and tunneling.

Users can connect using any remote device like laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and ANSM will take care of authentication, resource policies, and user-role mapping. It can be accessed through a constellation of worldwide security gateways distributed across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and North America. All are connected through CenturyLink’s global VPN backbone.

“With the expansion of remote and mobile workers, enterprises would be well-served to incorporate secure mobility as part of a comprehensive, cloud-based network security strategy, rather than an add-on, piecemeal approach,” noted Christina Richmond, security service practice program director for IDC. 

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Adaptive Network Security Mobility can be purchased for concurrent use sessions as per the anticipated number of users at a given time, with payment for active sessions, rather than buying individual licenses.

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