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Celebrations Goes Real On Facebook With Treater

Beyond celebrating birthdays on Facebook by sending cards and cakes virtually, now users will experience the new face of celebrations on Facebook by using an application named as “Treater”. By this application users will be able to send virtually but real cakes and beers to their beloved ones by Facebook.

Treater is a low cost platform that lets Facebook users to buy each other instants gifts that can be retrieved at the local cafes, bars and other outlets. Treater is different from other applications of its type like Zynga and Dunkin’ Donuts App as it includes many types of gifts like bowling games, Movie tickets, Spa treatments, latte etc.


Gifting process is quite simple as the user needs to select the person from their friend list and then pick up the item they want to send and pay the item’s listed price via credit card. Processing fees for the service goes like :
• $.50 processing fee for items rated below $5.
• $.99 processing fee for items rated under $19.99.
• 6% processing fee for the order rating more than $20.

On the other side, the recipient can claim the gift by showing the “Treat Card” that is delivered to their Smartphones. “Treat Card” incorporates a single-use debit/credit card number which vendors can simply type in as any other card payments.

Another great feature of Treater is if the recipient is supposed to claim a cup of coffee worth $5 but the individual purchased the one worth $3 then the difference will be shifted to receiver’s Treater Piggy Bank. The individual will be able to make use of the amount in the future.

As per the news soon the Treater’s integration will take place with Twitter and also by the mid of September Treater’s iPhone and Android apps will be out as they are in the final stages of the release.

Start sending gifts to your friends through Treater!!!.



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