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CBRE and Litbit team up to bring AI into datacenter 

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The leading data center solutions provider, CBRE, has partnered with Litbit, in an effort to bring artificial intelligence to facilities management in datacenters and crucial environments.

Litbit is an AI platform that makes it easy for non-data scientists to train AI models for industrial predictive maintenance. CBRE manages over 800 datacenters globally, with its portfolio covering enterprise, hyperscale, colocation, as well as cloud datacenters.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming industries in all parts of the economy. CBRE has always had a commitment to using technology to provide better results for our customers at optimal cost to value, and we believe this technology will allow us to further this agenda,” said Paul Saville-King, President, CBRE Data Centre Solutions.  The idea that expert knowledge of all the facilities, assets and equipment we manage can be in the back pocket of every CBRE technician is exciting and revolutionary.

As part of the alliance, Litbit will leverage its expertise in operational data and AI, to train a machine learning model (AI persona). This AI persona, named REMI (Risk Exposure Mitigation Intelligence), will initially be trained on normal datacenter operating conditions and equipment. Further, CBRE will use REMI for predictive maintenance and detecting issues before they occur and cause operational disruption.

The AI persona will work like a co-worker, and will help employees and organizations, by covering an overnight shift or managing a new data hall, for example.

The integration of AI into datacenter, CBRE said, is a decisive step to lead in datacenter AI space by creating world’s largest actionable AI repository of machine operating data.

“CBRE is the perfect example of a company whose operating model can be transformed by artificial intelligence. Their global scale, varied client base, and mission critical remit mean that they need complete flexibility of implementation, massive scalability, and a completely noninvasive way of implementing AI,” said Scott Noteboom, CEO of Litbit, Inc.

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REMI will provide an enhanced coverage for manned locations, and basic coverage for unmanned locations. Organizations will be able to run REMI in cloud (using smartphones), as well as on the edge (using permanently deployed computing devices).

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