Caronet Unveils A Managed Cloud Hosting Solution

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 26, 2011 – Caronet, one of the Southeast’s premier colocation and hosting facilities and managed hosting service providers, has unveiled a cloud solution called Carocloud. This will offer tremendous benefits to businesses looking to the Cloud to make cost-effective IT infrastructure improvements without sacrificing the security of their systems and the reliability of their networks.

Carocloud addresses security concerns in its design. It ensures true customer isolation for the public Cloud and supports high availability with proactive host server monitoring.

The pricing of this offering will provide a genuine “pay-by-use” model that has no hidden package or standardized levels, putting the customer in control of their spending. When cloud servers are on, charges accumulate for hours consumed. When they are off, a small fee guarantees that the resources are immediately available upon need.

Carocloud uses an independent upgrade model that eliminates the potential for global changes to impact services or costs by allowing customers to make independent memory and storage choices.

Caronet’s infrastructure investment enables the enterprise level speed, reliability and security demanded by the cloud environment. A look into Carocloud’s infrastructure reveals the enterprise-grade platform that sets the solution apart in robust performance and unparalleled storage resources.

“We have leveraged proven technologies in developing our cloud hosting solution so we can bring a rich feature set and enterprise-grade power and robustness to customers. The solution levels the playing field by making it affordable for small and medium businesses to be technology equals with their larger competitors,” said Paul Peeler, Caronet Director of Cloud Services.

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The solution can be quickly implemented thus enabling rapid-fire scalability as growth occurs. Caronet’s cloud hosting support helps customers through implementation and quickly works with them to understand new technologies and resolve issues.

About Caronet
Caronet specializes in Engineered Hosted solutions including Co-location, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, and Cloud Services. The company owns and operates four state-of-the-art data centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

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